Vanessa's Space Quest is a game after passing Vanessa Doofenshmirtz: Super Spy. Go to the unlockable section and go to the game. The story of the game is that Mitch's evil space army has been trapping people from Earth and other planets. It's up to Vanessa to save space. You ride on a black spaceship(Which you can customize) to defeat the alien armada and save the people. In some levels in the game Meap helps you and the final boss is Mitch. You also go to different galaxies.
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Toy Time Galaxy

Block Planet

Train Planet

Bowl Planet

Gear Planet

Tool Planet

Candy Planet

Cake Planet

Dessert Planet

Boss: Isabelle Garcio-Sharpia's Evil Train Station

Garden Galaxy

Apple Planet

Thorn Planet

Dirt Planet

Flower Planet

Curve Planet

Garden Galaxy's Gravity Scramble

Vegetable Planet

Fruit Planet

Boss: Dr. Doomsday's Airship Armada

Dusty Desert Galaxy

Pyramid Planets

Moving Sand Planet

Cacti Planets

Maze Planet

Disk Planets

Ring Planet

Scorpian Planet

Boss: Weather Controler's Tornado Alley

Sunshine Beach Galaxy

Shark Planet

Sand Castle Planet

Palm Tree Planet

Backyard Beach Planet

Boss: Robot Vicky's Robot Army

Bold Boulder Galaxy

Rolling Stones Planet

Green Crystal Planet

Astroid Planet

Boulder Planet

Flying Boulder Galaxy

Boss: Crockbot 9000's Boulder Generator

Sky High Galaxy

Black Plond Planet

Sky Tower Planet

Instrument Planet

Castle Wall Planet

Windy Windmill Planet

Boss: Kevin Destruction's Sky High Tower

Game Galaxy

Chess Planet

Checkers Planet

Domino Planet

Board Game Planet

Video Game Planet

Boss: Dr. Lloyd Wexler's chess army

Sports Galaxy

Soccer Planet

Hockey Planet

Football Planet

Volleyball Planet

Basketball Planet

Boss: Evil Perry's sports shooter

Home Galaxy

Kitchen Planet

Bedroom Planet

Bathroom Planet

Living Room Planet

Backyard Planet

Boss: The Regurgitator's Doom Ship

Long Trunk Galaxy

Trunk Slide Planet

Log Planet

Truck Wheel

Big Tree Planet

Boss: Demon Dragon's Flame Ship

Freeze Frame Galaxy

Snow Fortress Planet

Blizzard Planet

Snow Field Planet

Lava Lake Planet

Boss: Professer Poofenplotz's Spider Robot

Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Water Maze Planet

Twin Falls Planet

Cosmic Cove Planet

Cosmic Cavern Planet

Star Rabbit Planet

Jupiter Planet

Boss: L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.'s Planet of Doom

FINAL BOSS: Mitch's Death Ship

After finishing Vanessa's Space Quest a giant golden trophy apperars that says Hero of the Universe after that then a short cutscene shows that the people of Earth and other planets are cheering Vanessa and putting a crown on her. Then she says to you that you are the best player ever.

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