Hello! I have returned!!! one's probably even noticed by now so umm...I'm just pointing it out. Anyways, you see sorry I left for so long. It's just well....I took a LONG LONG LONG LONG break. Well, let's just say I quit my job on here and now I'm like hiring myself again, Anyways, I'm back and here to create some episodes of my new series, The Perry Show! I won't be finishing anything related to Travis. I mean, I am totally lost for Travis!! Totally lost!!! I mean, it's just school has really killed my imagination. I'm growing up. Which I don't like. I mean school is fine. I like my new best friend but I mean, it's the growing up. It really stinks. Even though, you've known be for a total platypus lover and P&F fan I-I it's just well, I have writer's block!!! I mean, sorry. I can manage the Perry series but not really anything like Travis. Travis, I mean. I'm lost. I can't do anything Travis related. I love writing for him but I can't do it!! It's craziness! School is a killer! I'll tell you right now! School is a killer!

Anyways, I mean don't delete the Travis pages because I'll return to them....maybe. I don't know. If I don't edit them in 5 years I'll let J. Severe take over them if he can. But, hey! I'm currently going through some phases with some other shows! I'm currently going through phases on The Looney Tunes Show, Gravity Falls, and SpongeBob. I won't be on as often but just so you know. It's not that I don't like Phineas and Ferb anymore. It's just that I have a hard writer's block for it!! Umm...those other shows are great and I don't have writer's block for them. Oh, well!!!! Bye!!! But just remember, school is a killer!

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