So yeah, I haven't drawn anything PnF-related in awhile, but I only recently regained some inspiration to draw. And besides, I'm tired of never contributing anything of much substance here. I hate perpetuating the stereotype that no doubt exists of me as being a cynical, misanthropic, argumentative pessimist, of which I'm none.

Anyway, before I get myself into yet another battle where I have to justify myself, I hereby present some of my latest works from the outside. I'm no longer an active member, other than on occasion on the social side of Fanon, and I felt I should leave a few constructive things here as some form of legacy.

I don't draw for recognition or out of assignment. I draw for fun. And as such, I don't care about that little bit of water damage on the corners of my sketchpad, or how I'm still drawing traditionally with mechanical pencils and colored pencils (these newer ones are kinda seems only the Crayola ones are any real good, unless you go buy expensive-as-Hell artist ones...)

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