Hey, guys, my name is TheGuyNamedTom (you can call me Tom for short).

I came here to this wiki for ONE specific reason. Fanfictions.

Ever since I finished Bacon Wars Episode 1 (check it out on my blog at the FNAF wiki), Phineas and Ferb crossovers have been on my mind. I'm a really creative guy and I have a whole lot of ideas. Most of them revolving around the Phineas X Isabella shippings. Here's what I have in mind.

1.Bacon Wars Episodes 4-6: Yes. Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia Sapphiro will star in BACON WARS. That Star Wars reedition with FNAF wiki users as characters. (I'm Obi-Tom Baconobi by the way) The two are planned to star as Phineas Baconwalker (The son of Jillips Baconwalker and Aki Amidala) and his sister Isabella Organa. Just, really.

The two would first appear in Episode 3:Revenge of the FIsh (FISH YOU HEAR ME?!) Aki Amidala died giving birth to them. Senator Clyde Organa and his wife volunteered to take care of Isabella, while Obi-Tom handed Phineas over to Candance Bacolynn on Bacooine.

OK, that's enough Bacon Wars.

2.Phinebella Adventures:

Coming in a matter of days, the show would kick off when I sign Phineas and Isabella up for Lebunnie's FNAF Wiki Hunger Games (The guys over there are KA-RAY-ZEE!).

No, Springy Boy's version. It's a matter of time when one comes out

Also, the thing's on the FNAF Wiki, but maybe I can copy and paste it onto a blog post of my own!


This...literally popped in out of nowhere.

Details coming soon. SORREH!

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