Gurgy here. You may have noticed there has not been an episode of The Adventure of Irving and Friends since August. The reasons are the painfully obvious ones, and I have been working a bit on the next episode.

But I must say something. Those painfully obvious reasons I mention are lazy-ness, busy-ness, and all that fun stuff. Especially busy-ness. With all the other things I do, it's been getting hard to actually this. Combine that with the idea tank going dry, well...yeah.

So after some thinking, I have decided something must happen soon. I never thought i'd say this but ...Soon..

irving and friends will end.

Now, don't go crazy thinking it's canceled right here and now, without any of the so called plot threads being settled. I am not randomly ending it for no reason with no proper finale. (cough too many shows to name cough).

Let me explain with an analogy. When Doug Walker decided it was time to retire the Glasnost Critic, he wrapped things up by doing a bunch of NC's he always wanted to do, and put in hints towards the big character driven finale.

That's about what I'm doing, only not as big...or cool. I've decided to start wrapping things up. I wll do a bunch of semi character episodes building up an epic finale. This won't happen fast. Heck, I think it'll be a long time until I actually get to the finale.

However, I decided I needed an end goal and wanted to please the people who wanted a proper finale. But I couldn't do a finale right away, as I needed to wrap up other things instead of making the finale a cluttered mess.

I don't have everything planned out, but I think I'll be able to get things sorted out. Long story short, things are wrapping up and it'll suck to see the series go. However, it'll be awhile before the proper end, so look forward to that.

When the show does end, I will still allow fan written episodes, and use of all OC's. I will post more on that when I do the finale, though.

So that's that. Comment on this, and ask further questions if you must. See ya!

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