Doing it early this week. This week, a bowl movement called "Grown ups 2" comes out. S i shall redccomd some GOOD movies with some of the stars from that "Film "\


HAPPY GILMORE: Early Adam sandler with some decent comedy, and surprising amount of heart. one of sandler's best.

PUNCH DRUNK LOVE: Rated R, but man, it is so amazing. great story, fantastic sandler performance, and good fix of drama and comedy.

WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE: Why did David henrie back out of the recent special to go grown ups 2? ...well anyway, genuinely decent kidcom.


DOGMA Another R, but Chris Rock has a role in this hilarious relgious satire by kevin smith.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and David spade play roles in this funny animated comedy, and they are all excellent in it.

BOLT: Nick Swardsen's role is small's his only good movie.

TWILIGHT: Taylor Lautner's magnum opus...yes, he's in grown ups 2.

MADAGASCAR, 2 and 3: Chris rock used to be funny, and still is, if thee sequels mean anything.

MONSTER HOUSE: Small role for Kevin James but...only good movie for him, sorry.

Go watch these, but avoid Grown ups 2.

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