Hello, welcome to another installment of Gurgy recommends.


MULAN: A Semi/sort of underrated late 90's disney classic, with likable characters and a decent story. Not to mention Eddie murphy back when he was funny and the best song ever. You know the one.

HERCULES: A Disney film with mixed reception, but I rather enjoy it. James Woods as hades, anyone?

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME: One of Disney's best film with really dark themes, and and great songs.

GOOD LUCK CHARLIE: This isn't a joke this. It's an Disney sitcom I find legit good instead of a guilty pleasure. Starring an attractive lady doesn't hurt either.

KICKIN' IT: Speaking of Disney, I think XD is at least 1000 times better, as most of their shows are legitimately decent, including this one. Even wanted to see Jackson from Hannah Montana if he was actually funny? This is the show for you!

PAIR OF KINGS: Another XD show, only with Jeremy Johnson and the black guy from suite life on deck.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: The 4th season came on a bit ago, so you should check it out.

LEMONADE MOUTH: A recent DCOM that is actually decent and not a guilty pleasure? Yep!

GIRL VS MONSTER: Another fun recent DCOM, with that hot chick from kickin' and an AWESOME villain song.

WORDGIRL: Don't let the concept fool you, this is one of the funniest cartoons you'll ever see, with the voice talents of The Ice king, King Neptune, and Azula as some of the villains.

ROBOTOMY: The CN show that didn;t last. It's extremly awesome, like a metal album come to life, only with patton oswalt.

There's nothing on DVD right now, so let's jump to


AVATAR:THE LASTY AIRBENDER: An amazing show that i've been re-watching recently. One of nick's best...also check out Doug Walker's V-logs on the show.

LAB RATS and CRASH AND BERNSTIEN: If I rec two XD shows, I must rec them all. They are both surprisingly good, especially Lab rats.

DESPICABLE ME: With the sequel coming out this week, you should revisit the first one. It's fun, and has Steve Carrel and Jason Seigel. What else can I say?

Shorter one, but whatever.

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