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  • StacyFan

    Yep, I'm doing a 2nd song list and I want you vote for it., DETAILS HERE:

    Read that and do what it says.

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  • StacyFan

    Hello Gurgy here.

    /Yes, nan has a contest up, but I figured another one wouldn't hurt.

    Anyway, some of the more youtube savvy of you may know of a youtube Channel called Cinema Sins. It's a little web series run by two guys who do videos that make fun of “sins” found in movies.

    Every video is called “Everything wrong with __ in __ minutes of less”. Essentially it makes fun of people who nitpick movies. They go through movies in a certain time slot (it can range from 4 minutes to 8 minutes) and point out all the sins in it.

    Now, I don't mean they go “This character sucks, this plot sucks” or crap like that. It's nickpick-y stuff no one notices. For example, in the Twilight one, they say that Edward seems to close a trunk twice. Stuff in the ba…

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  • StacyFan

    Doing it early this week. This week, a bowl movement called "Grown ups 2" comes out. S i shall redccomd some GOOD movies with some of the stars from that "Film "\


    HAPPY GILMORE: Early Adam sandler with some decent comedy, and surprising amount of heart. one of sandler's best.

    PUNCH DRUNK LOVE: Rated R, but man, it is so amazing. great story, fantastic sandler performance, and good fix of drama and comedy.

    WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE: Why did David henrie back out of the recent special to go grown ups 2? ...well anyway, genuinely decent kidcom.


    DOGMA Another R, but Chris Rock has a role in this hilarious relgious satire by kevin smith.

    HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and David spade play roles in this funny animated c…

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  • StacyFan

    Hello, welcome to another installment of Gurgy recommends.


    MULAN: A Semi/sort of underrated late 90's disney classic, with likable characters and a decent story. Not to mention Eddie murphy back when he was funny and the best song ever. You know the one.

    HERCULES: A Disney film with mixed reception, but I rather enjoy it. James Woods as hades, anyone?

    THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME: One of Disney's best film with really dark themes, and and great songs.

    GOOD LUCK CHARLIE: This isn't a joke this. It's an Disney sitcom I find legit good instead of a guilty pleasure. Starring an attractive lady doesn't hurt either.

    KICKIN' IT: Speaking of Disney, I think XD is at least 1000 times better, as most of their shows are legitimately decent, includ…

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  • StacyFan

    Hello, Gurgy here.

    I've loved doing that THIS WEEK IN MOVIES THING on RTB so i decided to do something like it, but not. Every sometime, (maybe weekly, maybe not) I'll give you Recomendations for stuff to watch. Tv shows, movies, whatever.


    THE AVENGERS: Do i even need to explain why? ..Fine, it's the 3rd highest groosing movie of all time, it's directed by Joss Whedon, and has Scarlett Johannesen in leather. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED

    CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THOR: Can't watch that above with the other lead in movies? Then check out these fun films, especially Captain America, as it's a great origin story with a fun villain.

    GOOSEBUMPS: 11 episodes of season 1 are up of this fun, 90's show. Some of the best episodes are in this bunch such as …

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