The returnal of Marabella

After the Marabella series ends, I am going to take a break then get to this new chaptar. Let's say in Danville a couple of years go by and Marabella moves back because all of a sudden her dad got a job there. Things wont be that dramatic, but Phineas goes crazy (excited) to here she is coming back. Plus isabella and him are a couple in a couple of years, but Phineas still really likes Marabella in the furture. Phineas used to have a crush on Marabella, but when she comes back it get's even bigger. He tries to keep it very secret because of Isabella, plus he is dating her and loves Isabella very much. It took a while Marabella and Isabella to become friends because Isabella was jealous that Phineas likes Marabella. Phineas still really cares about Marabella He riskes his life to save her a couple times, how can he just let Marabella go? Any Marabella has a boyfriend Jackson (her childhood buddy) and they are still together. Jackson is caption of the football team. Marabella is a model  and a captin of cheerleading. Marabella has became sucessful and famous. She is still her same down to earth self though. All her money she gives goes to needy children she told everyone. You would think Marabella would have a manison... Well she doesn't all the money that could have bought her a mansion really helped those children. In the future Marabella encounters a girl that looks just like Marabella except with brown hair and green eyes. This girl has a simular tragic story like when Marabella's family house was destroyed and they had no money. This girls sotry is a little different.  Her parents both died in her house when there was a bad bad strom. This girl has brown hair and green eyes and looks a little like Marabella, and kind of wears the same outfit Marabella used to wear. Marabella feels horrible and adopts the girl with her parents and they become sister, and Phineas and Ferbs projects get more amazing.

What do you think? :)

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