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Scubadave Scubadave 8 July 2011

Scuba's 100 Pic Challenge!

I decided to do the pics in order.

He was supposed to guard that sphere with his life, and he just dropped it...

The sunlight from the ceiling hit the glass prism. The light refracted and left the prism. When it hit the wall, Anthony saw patterns.


He's angry...

He was tired of it all. Tired of his misfortune and hauntings. He needed comfort. She was the only one avaliable. He didn't want to talk, he didn't want counsel. Anthony reverted his maturity to earlier years, and ran to her as if she had a motherly presence.


Three's a crowd, and Anthony had other thoughts in mind. He left the two stepbrothers laughing and exited the kitchen.


He looked up and wondered. "Why are we here? What is our purpose? Nobody lives a life forever..."


"Is this the …

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Scubadave Scubadave 7 July 2011

Bad news for us and the rest of America

The government is currently trying to pass a bill that will affect all of us, in an extremely negative way. It is the reason why so many PnF uploaders lost their YouTube account. It is called Bill S. 978. It must be stopped. It will effect us all, by not letting us watch PnF on YouTube. But it will also affect our individual wants. This restricts the upload of any kind of copyrighted materials. Parodies and Game reviews are also on the list

This bill means:

  • No more PnF
  • No more fan/fanart videos
  • No more Screwattack
  • No more DBZ abridged
  • No more game reviews
  • No more game walkthroughs (for whoever isn't good enough to beat the game without help :/)
  • No more Parodies of songs
  • No more videos of everyday people singing popular songs
  • No more of any TV show


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Scubadave Scubadave 4 July 2011

A Call for Tightening

Ok guys. Happy 4th of July! I hope you enjoy your patriotism! My birthday is in ten days, the 14th! While I hope you guys have a great independence day, we also need to step up our game. I am talking to the administrative group especially. As you all know, in about a month, the new film will air. Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension. Now do you all remember about 11 months back? Summer Belongs to You? That episode brought in loads of traffic to this wiki, including me. Along with the traffic also came the vandals. We had to protect this wiki from spam and restore any damage they made. If I am correct, then Across the Second Dimension will bring even more people into this wiki. While this may be technically good, it can also harm u…

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Scubadave Scubadave 27 June 2011

"Political" Cartoons

Due to the recent events on this wiki, I am going to start creating political cartoons. I will not say who represents who, so you may interpret them as you wish. Here is the first one. More to be added later, on a different blog (possibly this one).

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Scubadave Scubadave 14 June 2011

Summer is here!

(If this gets out of hand, I will disable commenting) Hey guys, I finally left school. I have been noticing a lack of fanon editing as mentioned by Faddy. I also noticed that the amount of zeal (excitement) for PnF has been dropping. I think that is the actual problem. So I thought about it for a while. I came to the conclusion that the thing that bonds us to PnF is the music. Apperantly you guys forgot the worlds greatest cartoon tracks. In order to make this blog effective, I will be listing my top ten favorite PnF songs, and their videos. And then after I picked ten from the about one hundred songs, I had to order them in favorite order. Needless to say, this was no easy task. It felt like I was trying to find out what child I liked mor…

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