As some you may have noticed, in the last few months, I haven't been very active.

Well the wait is over. After two months of almost semi-inactiveness, I am returning to my former status as a prominent editor of this wiki. I am once again will wield my account for the good of this wiki. I have also changed my password, in order make my account more "accessible". I will also patrol day and night. mind you, it will be hard, especially since I am now a sophomore in my highschool. But there are things on this wiki that need to be cleaned up, and I realize I have to add my part. Also, as a chatmod, I must do my best to patrol the chat.

So I promise you this, Every edit I make will be beneficial to re wiki in some way.

Also, I would to thank some of you various things.

To All: Thank you for your support of me. I promise you it will not be in vain.

Faddy: Even though you are not very active right now, I would like to thank you for being my first friend on here, and showing me the ropes.

Goldy: Thank you for being a friend that stuck by me. Even when I was banned from the IRC, you still saw my good intentions, and saw me as who I was.

Maddy: Thank you for being my friend, all the way through. You have been my friend for quite some time now, and you have stayed so, even through thick and thin.

TD and Fossy: I am glad I have you two to talk to, you guys listen to the occasional problem I have, and do your best to help.

Che: Thank you for patrolling the wiki as I do. You really help out the cause, and relieve a little bit of stress by doing so.

Gurgy: All though we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, I have actually come to like you. I know that we have had problems in the past, and will most likely have more in the future, but I don't hate you. When it comes down to bare fact, you and I are somewhat alike. Don't stop being who you are, no matter what anyone tells you.

Thank you to all of you. You helped mold the person I am now. Because of you, I am in the position I am currently in. And I am a person who never forgets his roots.

'"Oh Yeah, guess what.Scuba is back! 03:34, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

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