Scubadave Scubadave 22 November 2011


Well, I've thought about this for sometime now. And now, after a year of being here, I've decided to leave this wiki, I don't know for how long. It's been great. I've had a lot of fun here. I would like to thank all the users who were close to me for bringing me through a couple of problems. I'll still be on skype, though. I may come back I may not. But right now I need to focus on school. Guys, thanks for everything, I mean it. So, I guess this is it.....goodbye.

~Scuba, signing out

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Scubadave Scubadave 14 October 2011

1 Year Anniversary

Hey guys, guess what? As the title says, I have now been on this Wiki for one year. While there has been ups and downs, it's all been good at the end of the day. This is my first edit on this wiki. Back when I was just a noob, and did not know the rules. Now I know them of course. I would like to hear what those of you who have been around long enough, thought of me back then. I think it would be amusing to know. I wish I could have a pic for this, but unfortunately, I can't find my flash drive.

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Scubadave Scubadave 21 September 2011


As some you may have noticed, in the last few months, I haven't been very active.

Well the wait is over. After two months of almost semi-inactiveness, I am returning to my former status as a prominent editor of this wiki. I am once again will wield my account for the good of this wiki. I have also changed my password, in order make my account more "accessible". I will also patrol day and night. mind you, it will be hard, especially since I am now a sophomore in my highschool. But there are things on this wiki that need to be cleaned up, and I realize I have to add my part. Also, as a chatmod, I must do my best to patrol the chat.

So I promise you this, Every edit I make will be beneficial to re wiki in some way.

Also, I would to thank some of…

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Scubadave Scubadave 6 August 2011

Defenses Up

I have a feeling no one took my first blog on this topic seriously. Now that AT2D has premiered, we all have to step up patrol. This is a precaution, it is better to be safe then sorry. We have to ensure that new users on this wiki are informed of the rules here. Any vandals must be blocked as soon as possible. Summer Belongs To You lured many users to this wiki. One of them being me. While some of the users were productive, others were not. In the winter we constantly spammed by users such as Unknow Major, who kept coming back after he was blocked on multiple accounts. I don't want a repeat of that. So I am just asking everyone to be on guard.

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Scubadave Scubadave 14 July 2011


As you all might know, it is July 14th. THis means it is Bastlle Day. VIVE LE FRANCE!!! French independence day. But it is also two user's birthday. Mine, and Gurgy. I am 15 now, and Gurgy is reportedly 16 now. So yeah. I have a present for Gurgy.... the pic below. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACYFAN!

[[File:Stacebert_Venice.jpg|thumb|left|400px|(Not a shipper, but meh.) For: Gurgy Stacy and Albert are in a Ventician Canal, in a Gondala (which happens to look like a banana >.

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