OK. Since people seemed interested in asking me for requests, I have decided to type up the rules and guidelines for my requests. For those of you who don't like requests with limitations on them, then please go bother someone else for requests. Or learn to draw yourself.

Anyhoo, here are the rules:

1.  I will not draw anything that I believe contradicts my Catholic Faith in any way (Dark Traveler, I'm sorry, but that will include vampires from now on)

2.  I will not draw any shippings that I despise. You can find them on my profile page. (It includes shippings humanxanimal, boyxboy, girlxgirl, relationsxrelations, ect.)

3.  I do not like it if people will be constantly pestering me about my requests, e.g.: WHY HAVEN'T YOU FINISHED MY REQUEST, IS MY REQUEST DONE YET, YOU TAKE SOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG!. . .ect.

4.  I don't like it myself, but requests will take a while. Especially with the holidays just around the bend. I'm usually more busy at the ending and the beginning of the year then any other time. I'll work on them when I have time, but I'm not saying that I'm going to produce a masterpiece overnight.

5.  Depending on how many people would like a request, I will only do 5 at a time. I don't want to be completely swamped; with a bunch of requests at one time.

6.  I will not draw anything that is vulgar, immoral, really gory, immodest, ect.

7.  I will finish requests according to when I recieve them. I may do one over the other, depending on how important it is, but I will mostly just do them according to which ones I get first.

Alrighty, 1 more open!

1. Fossy - I hope to finish it today and get it posted!

2. Tiberius

3. SecretAgentG (on DA)

4. Nan the Cowdog


So I'll finish Fossy's and Tiberius', and get them posted as soon as humanly possible for me.

God bless and have a great day (or night)!

"Nothing you say or do, is going to save you from what I have planned. Nothing at all." 03:01, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

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