Yes, you read the title right.

My school has a kajillion anti-bullying rules, so there is almost zero bullying at my school. This is good. And the teachers are not boring....all the time.

Now, to the real reason school is fun: The music and drama department.

I'm in chorus, which is unrealistically fun. I LOVE singing. I'm super annoying because I sing the P+F songs to myself all day.

And in the P.E.G. (Performance Ensemble Group), which is code for "drama club", we are putting on a play. Me and my BFF tried out. She's a pirate in CSI Neverland. I didn't get in. But I'm on the set crew, and until we start building in a month or so, at practice I get to sit around, read, eat snacks, watch the actors rehearse, and occasionally clap, and I'm scot free. :) There is also a spring play, which I'm going to try out for. Maybe I'll get in next time.

Update: I am going to give one of my nerd words away. It's for a good cause. The cause is so I will get a kitten. What better cause is there?

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