I think I have Baljeetitis.

No, seriously. School is starting. And I am excited. Happy, even. I'm waiting to see if I start speaking in an Indian accent and avoiding contractions.

Aside from math and English, school classes are actually sort of fun. (Ah, what Phineas and Ferb could do in my Tech Ed wood shop.) And I'm starting language class this year. Latin. Ego cognosco Latine. (Bonus if you know what that means. Extra bonus if you didn't use Google Translate.)

By the way, I was perusing the fanon last night and came across something called "The Q+A Sessions of Poptart and Friends." (PopTartPlus: You. Are. Awesome.)

And I'm finished with my series. Everything except for that [censored] title. Down to the last "Whatcha doin?" HANG IN THERE, WOULD-BE FANS!

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