I am (usually!) plagued by writer's block.

Yes, I know it's on my profile. Let me blog. Sheesh. Anyhoo (why do I find that word hilarious?), I made this, my first blog post, about my new fanfic idea. It's like, my first, which automatically makes it a Big Deal.


What? You're confused because there's no title? Of course not, it's still an idea. It doesn't have one yet. Now let me blog.

So basically it's a series. I'm gonna put up a new one every week or so. It's still on the drawing board, but it's coming into shape. I want this to be good. But one of the most important parts is missing--the title.

So let me get back to you in a month and let you know how it's coming.

Just kidding, I swear. I should have it worked out in a few days.

CoolMoonGirl is out. Peace!

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