If you look on my userpage, in the section "What I'm Working on Now", you will see this:

"A fanime [fan-anime] that takes place in an alternate has the PnF characters in it, but otherwise it doesn't have much to do with PnF. :P [My main reason for making this is to gain experience for my bigger project...]"

Right now, it's still in the planning stage. I'm still working on the storyline and such (which will take quite a long time). But as I come up with ideas, I have one question for you guys: is there a character you would like to be used in this series?

Please keep the following things in mind:

  • A lot of the characters are creatures called "feramorphs". They have both an animal form and a human form. (They are usually in animal form.)
    • Their human form oftentimes retains their animal ears and tails.
  • There are normal humans too, but they won't come in until later.
    • The point is, you will need to decide what species they will be.
      • If they are a feramorph, please state their animal and, if possible, what they would look like.
  • Should they be a protagonist or an antagonist? You can decide. But if you don't care either way--I'll decide.
  • Do they have special powers of any kind? (This is very common in the feramorph world. Heck, learning what your powers are is considered a part of growing up.)
  • If your character is a feramorph, and their animal is a wolf, fox, or anything in the canine family, how many tails do they have? (The number of tails determines how many "lives" they have. However, there is a limit of 9, and only the most powerful have that many tails. Cat characters automatically have nine lives.)
  • Please do not submit a character if you're not okay with bad things happening to them. This is a very dark series--not intended for children--and bad things will happen. (Fortunately, this is an alternate universe.) Also, please state whether or not it's okay for your character to be permanently killed off.
  • Please provide what name you prefer to be referred to as when given credit for the character.
  • Please not that I cannot do everything you guys want me to do--especially because I already have some plans for the storyline. But if your character can work into the series in some way, then I'll definitely use them!
  • One more thing: please give me a detailed description of their personality/alt universe personality, and how they respond to things. This is really important for when the writing finally begins!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Also, please be nice--I've been working so hard on planning this project for a long time, and it's exhausting...

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