Well, I need to practice my drawing, as well as experiment with character designs (it's for a fan project), so why not restart this? xD

Yeah, just to warn you, the character designs are going to be somewhat inconsistent in this...I hope you can still tell who the character is (when you're supposed to, anyway...hehe).

1) Introduction

Intro 2013

This is a pic of PnF meeting each other. If I had text for it, it would be about them introducing themselves to each other (which is why this is in Introduction). I used references when drawing this time, and I think it looks a lot better... Anyway, my idea is that in this universe, the two met when they had to take shelter from a storm or something like that. They quickly became good friends and started visiting each other whenever they had a chance (it usually ended up being at night, hence the background :P).

2) Love

Canine love (color)

Yeah, this is Ferbnessa...thing is though, the ages of a lot of the characters are screwed around with in this universe, so there isn't an age difference problem here :P Oh yeah, Vanessa's animal form is a fox, in case you couldn't tell xD

3) Light

Light 13 (color)

The hair was kind of hard to redraw, but I think I managed :P

4) Dark

Dark 2013 (color)

Hehe, contrast...(oh yeah, it's a creepy Ferb is you can't tell :P)

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