Hello guys! It's your favorite Admin (wink), and I got our first site contest!

Jennifer Approves


The theme of it? Well, I call it "A Chain of Events". What if a episode/movie/special ended differently? Would it effect the day? The week? The month? The year? The rest of their lives?

What if Candace never tried to bust the boys? What if Phineas was really mean? What if Ferb was Vanessa's age?

How would it effect the story? Would it even effect it at all?

The Rules

  • It can be a drawing, fan video, short story, or even just a good length summary of how you think B would effect C
  • all things will be judged in one category
  • (For the artists) If something is PG-13, it depends what it is, if it's war, it would be ok, as long as it's not really bloody
  • No stolen/edited/traced art. If you do, you'll get a warning and if you're caught again, the rath of Cowdog will come down on you.
  • Will be judged by EVERYONE through a Google survey (or other)
  • (for everyone) Anything over PG-15 can NOT be put straight forward, lightly suggested is what I'd take. If you're not sure message me on my DA/Youtube/Tumblr/Lion King Fanart Archives. My user names:

CONTEST RUNS JUNE/11/2013-JULY/11/2013


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