Imani scetch
SOme early sketches, trying to get down the African Wild Dog.


Falling wip
I wasnt even inspired by TLK....

I wanted to practice TLK, but I wanted to draw Canderemy...

And hence this was born.

Another WIP

Stll finsing a few things, xD


"NOO!" *slomo dive*

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing... Everythings fine."

"Let go of my leg then."



This is a part from my revised Christmas story, which I'll post later. :P


Lol what did I do
Lol what did I just draw???

Cain in a... Attempt at a more realistic version???

I have no idea...

I really don't....

How's it look....?

Srsly, what did I do??

Eh, anyway, Cain.... Yea...

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