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    I’ve been a registered member of Wikia since 2009, and on Phineas and Ferb Fanon two days after I registered.

    Honestly, those were some of the best years of my life. I’ve met many friends, and people who- well don’t like me anymore. But I wouldn’t trade those times for anything… Even if some things were a bit cringe-worthy

    I went though a lot of shit back then, dealing with abandonment issues, bullying, and other life issues. I can’t forget how everyone came together, thinking there was a possibility I could have killed myself. At times you understood me more than my own family- and maybe even myself.

    You’ve complemented and critiqued me over some of the now ugly ass art I’ve made. And good God am I horrible at finishing one damned fanfiction…

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  • Nan the cowdog

    I made this blog to hopefully sture up some ideas.

    Here, we can share some of our headcanons about our favorite Dorito and friends.

    I think it'll be cool to discuss these, and even maybe get some idea's for wrting/drawing.

    So whether you think Ferb's mother is a alien, or Pinhead Pierre is Phineas's father, share them!

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  • Nan the cowdog

    Hey guys, I hope you guys are all enjoying 201415!

    It's time for a new background, and while I am currently working on making us a new background, while I finish that up, I decided to give everyone a say in the valentines day theme! It will involve two shippings of our choices from voting.

    Heres the poll to chose the first shipping that will be featured Feb 1st-6th

    ANd the poll for the second ship that will be featured 6th-14th

    May the best OTP win!

    UPDATE; I misspelled Valentines Day in the title thanks a lot, auto-fill, @sshole

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  • Nan the cowdog

    So, it seems a new trend is making character pages for characters from other franchises.

    While we encourage making pages on the wiki, I ask you to please stop making those type of pages.

    So, no more pages for Total Drama, Family Guy, or any other non fanon or PnF canon characters.

    If you wish to let everyone know the characters relationship with another (say, Isabella and Lisa from the Simpsons), you go to the page of Isabella, and write about their relationship on that page.

    Obsessive use of this, will result in a temporary ban, and if it happens after your ban is up, you get permanently banned.

    At least this is my policy, Goldy can have his own policy on spamming these articles, however, this is my policy, and I will implement as such.

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  • Nan the cowdog

    In spirit of the day, I am listing my top favoerite couples from movies and books.

    Not only were these two husband and wife in the show, they were also married in real life. Though sadly ending in divorce, these two were one of the funniest couples in black and white television. Lucy the high strung wife, and Ricky was her polar oppisite, being much more reserved and no-nonsense. These two never failed to get a laugh, either at Lucy or Ricky's expense. But no matter what, they always loved each other and got through whatever mess was happening next.

    These two could have been another "woops pregnant" teenage couple from every other show in the early 2000's, but what we got was someting interesting. I guess you may need to know a little back g…

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