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    October 2, 2013 by LØVĘMÜFFÎÑ

    I don't know how to start this, so, uhh, hi?
    It's been a year(?) since I last showed up around these parts, right?

    I don't know, I get nostalgic for some reason around like September-ish, even though I never made much of an impact on here at all (ehehe shame to my life)

    I was just thinking "hey, let's look at that fanon and cringe at how stupid eleven year old me was", so I did... it was a mistake. (omg guys i was so annoying) I kind of need to stop coming back here for nostalgic purposes because I haven't even watched the show since AT2D.

    Which brings me to my next topic, any of you got tumblr or dA or twitter or anything? Fair warning: no guarantees on the twitter because that's pretty personal, well done if you manage to find it though, and…

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    I LIED


    Guess who missed you guysssss
    I diiiiiiiid

    There are so many new people on here. I hardly know any of you :')

    I started this wiki when I was 11 and starting secondary school (high school as us British folk don't have middle school) and now I'm 14 and doing my O Levels hoooooo jheeeeze where has the time gone

    I was just exploring the wiki after like 6335790 years and decided to say hi. So, hi.

    I also need to mention: all of my old fanfics. Can somebody please take them and burn them like oh god just get rid of them please they're so bad
    and my characters too actually

    Kezia and Melinda and my two others who I've forgotten the names of are all so unoriginal

    I might read over everything and laugh at my idiotic 11-year-old self an…

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    So, this is gonna be kinda hard…

    Okay, if you guys haven't noticed, I haven't been around, since… about two months ago? Hm.
    There isn't a reason for this, aside from the fact I didn't necessarily feel like being here.

    I have been watching Phineas and Ferb recently, and I started thinking about this place.
    I have actually stopped watching Phineas and Ferb, and I've stopped feeling any inspiration to write any more about it.

    Let's just cut to it.

    Phineas and Ferb?
    It annoys me.
    The show has started to annoy me, after what I've seen on DeviantART the fandom annoy me(EDIT FROM SEPT. 2012: JUST TO CLARIFY I MEANT "THAT PART" OF THE FANDOM. THE MEAN PART. NOT YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.), honestly, it's just not for me, and I just don't like it an…

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    So. Serious business.


    I can't watch it.

    So. Friggen. Tee'd.


    SO. You may or may not (most likely the latter) have noticed I have infact been gone for a while — you probably won't have noticed because I'm never here anyway — and I may as well tell you why that is.

    bythatimean I have been on different wikis. I never really contribute -I'm lazy that way- and I like to read the articles and occasionally contribute. Point being, I have been around the Sims Wiki (don't judge me...) and the CombineOver Wiki (again, don't judge me) mucho and I have strayed from wikia a little and may have gotten a life and stopped staring at my iPod 24/7 (in the sense that I would spend a lot of time on here and I spend less t…

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    I missed editing here. ^_^

    And I'm chatting! JOIN MEH. I HAS COOKIES.



    EDIT: Got bored. No more chatting. Maybe later.

    LØVĘMÜFFÎÑ“Why, that's absuuuuuurd.” 08:36, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

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