I hate going to blogs about 1 topic and accidentally getting on another topic and forgetting what the real topic was about. So this blog is here to just fill the need of blogging about something random, wheather it be Phineas and Ferb related or not! And if 1 topic dies, we just start another 1! I shall start! *chuckles* "shall"..

How come every Disney Channel activity thing only has the un-animated (whatever you wanna call them) shows involved? Examples: Friends For Change (why couldn't they just add them in there, or the stars besides Mitchel Musso?), that montage on the New Year Star Showdown with the self-confidence stuff and a bunch of pics from all the other shows (y'all know what I'm talkin' about?), and the New Year Star Showdown itself! The only award Phineas and Ferb got was "Best Phineas and Ferb episode"!!!! It was nominated for other stuff, but Wizards of Waverly Place won them. I'm so sick of that show! It didn't deserve to win an Emmy for Best Kids Programming! The only time I was happy during that New Year Star Showdown was the second round of "Sound Off" with the Phineas and Ferb songs, and the "Quick Draw" for being mentioned for their awesome inventions.

Disney Channel is stooping to a new low in this year if Wizards beats Phineas and Ferb in everything...

Look, I will ensure the existence of this blog, but as soon as you start fighting I'm going to block the culprits right away.  Nightie  Logbook  Contribs  16:16,7/16/2011 

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