Kay, so, like most of you, I watched Rollercoaster: The Musical.


OHMYGOSH it was AWESOME!! I loved ALL the songs! This is the only show that makes musicals bearable! My fave song HAS to be "Carpe Diem" cuz it's got that sweet feeling to it like "Summer Belongs To You" had. AND there was a LITTLE bit of Phinbella (one-sided anyway) so I'm not too thrilled about that. The line "Watcha doin', watcha doin'. You know, it's not really directed at Ferb" got me a bit disappointed.

Not to mention this episode brought that 4th wall CRASHING DOWN, BABY. Sure, they recycled some footage from the actual episode, but that was expected, wasn't it? I wouldn't like to reanimate everything again either. And poor Monogram at the end.

AAAAAAAH I can't wait till this episode comes to Disney Channel! I haven't taped the show in FOREVER since there aren't any new episodes! As far as pairings go, there was small Baljeet/Mishti (YAY!), small Phineas/Isabella (eh :shrug), small Ferb/Vanessa (WOO!), small Candace/Jeremy (YES!), and small Stacy/Coltrane (WOOHOO!). Dan and Swampy, you've DONE IT AGAIN, you crazy geniuses!

How did YOU people like it? :D And just in the topic of my life, my computer's being mean to me and not letting me put my Fullmetal Alchemist songs on my USB drive. >.< BUT you people don't care about FMA, do you? ^^;


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