Kittyfire Kittyfire 25 January 2011

Fangirling Out ^^


Kay, so, like most of you, I watched Rollercoaster: The Musical.


OHMYGOSH it was AWESOME!! I loved ALL the songs! This is the only show that makes musicals bearable! My fave song HAS to be "Carpe Diem" cuz it's got that sweet feeling to it like "Summer Belongs To You" had. AND there was a LITTLE bit of Phinbella (one-sided anyway) so I'm not too thrilled about that. The line "Watcha doin', watcha doin'. You know, it's not really directed at Ferb" got me a bit disappointed.

Not to mention this episode brought that 4th wall CRASHING DOWN, BABY. Sure, they recycled some footage from the actual episode, but that was expected, wasn't it? I wouldn't like to reanimate everything again either. And poor Monogram at the end.

AAAAAAAH I can't wa…

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Kittyfire Kittyfire 10 January 2011


Me: Yo, I'm not dead.

You: Are you going to come back every 5 months or something?

Me: It seems that way doesn't it?

You: YES.

Me: BAH. OK, I see that we're losing an admin here. :( I may not be an admin anymore *sob* but if somebody can help remind me to stalk this place every time I get online, that'd be great. *looks at DG* I don't want to leave. I want to keep loving Phin and Ferb as much as I can. And I'm really mad cuz I missed the New Year's artwork thing for the Tri-State Gazette AGAIN. UGH!!!!!!!

Short entry, you'll see me around anyway.


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Kittyfire Kittyfire 13 October 2010

Oh my Ra, Oh my Ra, Oh my Ra...


I have been gone WAY too long! I think I even lost my adminship cuz of it... I totally deserved that.

I feel like I betrayed you all, my first internet friends.

Even if I didn't lose my adminship (though I'm pretty sure I did) I deserve to have that privledge taken from me. :(

But anyawy, I'm just blogging tell you all that I haven't forgotten ANY of you. I'm just EXTREMELY sorry I haven't been as active as I would like. But...

Forgive me for being a bit angsty right now, but I can't see my purpose here anymore. That sweet, bubbly Phineas and Ferb nerd you people loved 2 years ago is slowly fading. STILL LOVE PHINEAS AND FERB, don't worry! But I'm taking a liking to OTHER things…

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Kittyfire Kittyfire 16 May 2010


OMG I have not been on in a horribly long time!! OK, 1. I did NOT purposely leave you guys! The stupid computer wasn't working right and Mom was cleaning the living room and put the laptop in a place where I'm not sure where it is. 2. The computer HAS been working for about a week, but aside from my love of Phineas and Ferb, I've been catching up on my childhood. I know what you're thinking, "Whatyou talkin' 'bout, fool?" Well, I'll explain: WARNING: UNLESS YOU'RE REALLY INTERESTED IN THIS, YOU MAY GET BACK TO SOMETHING ELSE! Moving on, a few weeks ago, possibly last month, Mom brought home the SEGA Allstars Racing game (awesomesauce by the way!) as she usually brings home new games (she's the manager at Blockbuster, so we get movies and gam…

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Kittyfire Kittyfire 11 March 2010

Random Topic Blogging!

I hate going to blogs about 1 topic and accidentally getting on another topic and forgetting what the real topic was about. So this blog is here to just fill the need of blogging about something random, wheather it be Phineas and Ferb related or not! And if 1 topic dies, we just start another 1! I shall start! *chuckles* "shall"..

How come every Disney Channel activity thing only has the un-animated (whatever you wanna call them) shows involved? Examples: Friends For Change (why couldn't they just add them in there, or the stars besides Mitchel Musso?), that montage on the New Year Star Showdown with the self-confidence stuff and a bunch of pics from all the other shows (y'all know what I'm talkin' about?), and the New Year Star Showdown it…

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