Hello everyone! It has to come to my attention that yesterday( April 12th) was my BIRTHDAY!

(Phineas gives me a creeper plushy with a sound box in it that looks SO ADORABLE and yet SO EVIL)

Anyway...... About me writing. I will try to start writing in the summer, because i don't have time in school year.

Also I can't believe that i am now 14. I am nowhere near tall as i wanted to be when i was 14, and i expected to look more mature. But i guess that is for next year.

So... yay!

Oh, and also, here is a little blurb from my newest story, Phin the Cybersoldier

Phineas:Jade Queen. We meet again

Jade Queen:Yes. It been a long time since the wedding fiasco.

Phineas:Don't you DARE talk about Ferb's cyberwedding!

Jade Queen: Are you angry cause i drove him to insanity? Well, i am not done with the Flynn family yet. And after i take care of you, i'll go for your love. Izabella is it?


Jade Queen:I'm going to get my torture tools.

Phineas:I remember the wedding like it was yesterday.........

Couple of weeks ago

Ferb:Jade, my love where are you?

Jade Queen:I'm coming

(she apperes in the airpport)

Ferb:Jade! Let's get inside before your fans find that your decoy is not really you.

Jade Queen:Hurry!

(in Ferb's cyber house)

Ferb:START THE CYBERWEDDING! and make it quick!

Preist goes to blah blah blah

Ferb(whispers):I am the happiest man in the world

Jade Queen:About that........

Preist:If anyone wishes to object this wedding, speak now of forever hold your peace.

(door breaks down and dozens of people come in, shouting "I OBJECT!")

Ferb:AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhHHH!(Smashes his keyboard and rage quits)

(few hours later)

Ferb:What? they burnt my house down.... and killed my kittens....and took everylast piece of stick.....and left me a note.

Note;Dear Ferb. I am dumping you. compared to you, some of the people that broke in has WAY more potential. I never wanted to marry you. So, yeah. Oh! If you try to marry me again, i will come at you with a diamond sword and slash at your face.

Phineas:That is how Ferb ended up in the mental hospital, and i became broke!

Jade Queen;First torture:Arrows to knees

(Phineas took an arrow to the knee)

Phineas:This is so embarrasing!

Jade Queen:Lol. Here come one to the other one


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