Jisu Lee Jisu Lee 10 July 2013


Hello everyone! I know I've been gone for..... ever, now, so I want to catch up with what's happened in the last 365 days. so..... fire away!

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Jisu Lee Jisu Lee 16 September 2012

Jisu's umpteenth comeback tour

Hello everyone! This is your.... person speaking, and I am here today on few reasons.

  1. I decided to come back for the X-th time
  2. I wish to speak about my current life and why i wasn't on as much
  3. I wish to make User Interviews!

I am sorry for not being here for most of the summer, but i was busy, and mostly forgot about this place

Anyway. If you want a user interview, just comment for an app.

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Jisu Lee Jisu Lee 14 June 2012

Ask Steve Questionz!

Hello Folks! Steve the kid Time Traveler here. As you know, I have been missing for quite some time now, and I was busy learning about secrets of the past(e.g. Ferb's mother in this space-time continuem, Phineas's father, why do does Phineas and Ferb build, why am I fated to time travel, etc), but I decided to take a break after I realized that it was going to be June 14, the 1st day of summer break. So what I decided to do was come back to good old 2032, and answer some questions. Now some questions will involve me time traveling/universe jumping, so some questions take longer than others. You may ask as a Canon charactor

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Jisu Lee Jisu Lee 13 April 2012


Hello everyone! It has to come to my attention that yesterday( April 12th) was my BIRTHDAY!

(Phineas gives me a creeper plushy with a sound box in it that looks SO ADORABLE and yet SO EVIL)

Anyway...... About me writing. I will try to start writing in the summer, because i don't have time in school year.

Also I can't believe that i am now 14. I am nowhere near tall as i wanted to be when i was 14, and i expected to look more mature. But i guess that is for next year.

So... yay!

Oh, and also, here is a little blurb from my newest story, Phin the Cybersoldier

Phineas:Jade Queen. We meet again

Jade Queen:Yes. It been a long time since the wedding fiasco.

Phineas:Don't you DARE talk about Ferb's cyberwedding!

Jade Queen: Are you angry cause i drove him…

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Jisu Lee Jisu Lee 8 March 2012

I have came back.....

Hello everyone. I have....... RETURNED to the wiki! Now, there are couple of things you have to pay attention to.

I have came back because i love the boys and their physics-breaking idea again. Also, i got new insperation cause i was on a writer's block. I will post the link to my newest idea right here. However, i can't be here everyday. only on weekends. Also i also plan to go back and work on some stories i abandoned.

I missed you guys. I really did.

Now, any questions?

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