I was thinking that I should post something on RTB about my wikiversary coming up, so I checked to make sure it was November 8th, but it wasn't.. it was TODAY! :D

And since last year's blog was pretty lame, I'm making up for it, doing all the user-thanking and stuffz like that.

To Everyone:

You guys- ALL of you- have done so much for me. I can't even tell you how grateful I am. You've helped me with writing and art, consoled me on my worst days, cheered me on on my best days, introduced me to dA, and made me a brony.

Thank you so much.

And also:


You've helped me so much. I can tell you about any problem I have, whether it's about writer's block or my personal life, and you'll help me through it, even though you have plenty enough going on. You're kind of like an older sister to me. Thank you :)


I know we're not really close friends, but I wanna thank you, too. You're a great person (no matter what you think!) and you inspire me, because I don't know how anyone could go through all the stuff you go through. It makes me wish I could help you somehow.

Stay strong :)


You're a great guy who is really nice to everyone, including me. I admire your faith and willingness to help everyone. Thanks :)


You're an awesome admin, and nowadays on this wiki, an actual ACTIVE admin. :P But yeah, you keep this place together and stuffz, so thanks and long live Thor kid! XD


You're hilarious. Seriously. 9 out of 10 of anything you post makes me crack up. Thanks for being the funniest 73-year-old I know!

And I could thank so many more of you (Pixel, Q, Lotta, Slush, Tpffan, SF, DT, etc.), but it'd fill up a lot of space and I don't actually have time.

Thanks SOOOOO much you guys! :D :D :D Looking forward to another two years!

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