Greetings i am ICEBEARISBEST i am hosting a song countdown on this wiki in january and i want you guys to vote on your favourite songs from the series

The Nominees Are:

Backyard Beach, Perry The Platypus, Gitchee Gitchee Goo, My Nemesis, E.V.I.L B.O.Y.S, Busted, Fabulous, Aint Got Rhythm, You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart, Chains On Me, Baliwood, My Goody Two Shoes Brother, Queen Of Mars, S.I.M.P, A-G-L-E-T, Come Home Perry, Gimme a Grade, Im Me, Spa Day, I Really Dont Hate Christmas, Where Did We Go Wrong, That Christmas Feeling, Our Movies Better Than Yours, Me, Myself and I, Theres a Platypus Controlling Me, Candace Party, Welcome to Tokyo, Follow the Sun, City of Love, Summer Belongs To You, What'cha Doin, Back in Gimmlesthump, Rollercoaster, Carpe Diem, FunHouse, Dance Baby, Ariel Area Rug, Real Boy, Ferb Latin, Frenemies, Way of The Platypus, Drusselstien Driving Test Waltz, Happy New Year, Army Of Me, Everythings Better With Perry, Summer (Where Do We Begin), Brand New Reality, Robot Riot, Time Spent Together, Weaponry, Phinedroids And Ferbots, He's A Bully, Truck Driving Girl, And Little Brothers

The Results shall be announced in january

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