Hey guys! Ferb here with an important topic I wanted to discuss! Copyrights. That's right. You know, TM, (C), (R). That stuff. Well lately, many people have been using my fanart without my permission. Most of these users are new to the Wiki and don't know anything about copyrights. These users have been using my pictures of Larry and one I recently drew of Perry Jr. and are saying that the platypuses in the pictures are Perry. *facepalm*. I've had to leave messages on these user's pages letting them know how ticked off I am at them. And trust me; when this happens, It ain't pretty. Picture this guys: you just drew an awesome collection of fanart and after you uploaded it you selected "I Took this Photo Myself". A few hours/days/weeks/etc. later, an article catches your eye and you click on it to reveal-- your fanart. On someone else's page. You check your talk page. You see no messages that ask for copyright permission. You can stop picturing it now. Let Dill know if this ever happens/happened to you because he has been nice enough to take my pictures off of the user's story/user page. See ya'.

Ferb 19:38, June 13, 2010 (UTC)

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