Ferblover Ferblover 4 October 2010


Guess who? IT'S ME! FERBLOVER!

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: YOU'RE KIDDING!

NO! I am NOT kidding! I'm here ta stay guys!


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Ferblover Ferblover 27 June 2010

PnF Comic

I woke up this morning and this idea popped into my genius mind! Enjoy!

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Ferblover Ferblover 13 June 2010

Please Stop Stealing, Guys

Hey guys! Ferb here with an important topic I wanted to discuss! Copyrights. That's right. You know, TM, (C), (R). That stuff. Well lately, many people have been using my fanart without my permission. Most of these users are new to the Wiki and don't know anything about copyrights. These users have been using my pictures of Larry and one I recently drew of Perry Jr. and are saying that the platypuses in the pictures are Perry. *facepalm*. I've had to leave messages on these user's pages letting them know how ticked off I am at them. And trust me; when this happens, It ain't pretty. Picture this guys: you just drew an awesome collection of fanart and after you uploaded it you selected "I Took this Photo Myself". A few hours/day…

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Ferblover Ferblover 30 May 2010

"A Typical Monday in the Flynn-Fletcher Home"

Lawrence roused himself from his easy chair with a languid yawn, and let his lanky form clamber to a standing position. Like clockwork, he'd fallen asleep after his job, and like clockwork, his ears picked up the piercing sound of violence coming from one room over only a few hours after he'd dozed off.

"Like an alarm." He chuckled lazily, reaching his lengthy arms into the air with a pop, snap, and click. He didn't know what was going on in the living room, but as the father of tree teenagers, he was under some obligation to examine it.

Casually, Lawrence let his fingers slip into the pockets of his pajamas, and he meandered through the house into the den, where a whirlwind of violence had transformed into a rumbling cloud of fists, kicks a…

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Ferblover Ferblover 30 May 2010

"Phineashing Touch of Friendship"

Fortune in Friends!

The pre-winter wind that rippled through the alleys and streets of Danville, NY did Phineas no favors other then wish he'd not missed the bus home that day. Still, his jaunt from school to home was almost over; his house was only a few blocks due east from his current position. He pulled his backpack tightly around his arms and took a deep breath, before his senses kicked in and he shot a glance behind him. Nothing there.

He trembled a moment and shook his head, fighting the sensation that he was being followed, and carried on his way home. The sooner he was warm inside and stuffed with something delicious the better. With renewed resolve, the teen doubled his pace, marching quickly down the streets towards his home with …

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