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    Guys, Please.

    June 13, 2011 by FadhilPF

    I'm extremely annoyed with all this blogs that doesn't even have any relevance to the wiki's topic. And what's worse, you guys get too addicted to the blogs, and I always sense low traffic on editing REAL Fanon Works. Please, stop this habit of overpopulating blogs! There are more places where you can chat like that!

    Like Maybe:

    • The IRC
    • The Community Message Board
    • The PF-Users Wiki
    • And an upcoming built-in Chat Room by Wikia

    BUT PLEASE NOT THE BLOGS! It's getting really annoying! It's not what it's supposed to be!

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    Best Userpage

    March 8, 2011 by FadhilPF

    This idea popped out of nowhere when I was reviewing my userpage. I want to hold a competition where users can customize their userpage however they want until it looks really attractive (example: Mine)

    Rules are:

    1. You are not Fadhil :P
    2. You are active on the wiki
    3. You need to have at least 100 edits to join (but if some Wikia/VSTF staff is around and up for this, or an admin from another wiki, they're fine :D)
    4. You never vandalized the wiki. (And even though you do, you stopped for good.)

    Users that joined:

    1. Maddyfae
    2. AgentP
    3. Nan the cowdog
    4. Scubadave
    5. Really Big Hat
    6. AgentGoldfish
    7. Jisu Lee
    8. TotalDramaRox97

    So, we can start now! There is practically nothing to follow. Start to design your userpage the way you want it! Ends April 3rd.

    But wait, there is ONE rule. NO …

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    Faddy's Rating

    February 11, 2011 by FadhilPF

    Interested in having your story rated? Well, I have a man for you, which is myself!
    I can easily do it for you, but there IS standards both you and your story need to have, which is:


    • Must have over 100 edits
    • Must never have a history of being blocked (or if you have more than 2000 edits, I'm fine if you have been blocked)
    • Are not a vandal
    • Are a good Wiki contributor
    • Never annoyed me :)


    • Is more than 300 words in length
    • SHOULD have no typos, cuss words or wrong spelling (if your story has a lot of these, you will have a 0 straight away!)
    • Have a clear storyline
    • Not full of gibberish
    • Not a stub
    • Must not be a Q&A.

    IF you and your story have matched this criterions, you can only submit ONE of your stories at a time. Then …

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    Yes, I know. It is very fast. In just two years our wiki has more than 100 active users per year and we have more than 3900 pages and about to hit 4000. And now we are going to hit our first officially celebrated anniversary-our second year of providing a wiki for dreamers and people with strong imagination to combine together their ideas and fantasy about our beloved Phineas and Ferb.

    But now the wiki isn't the same as before.

    Oh, and a short poll.

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  • FadhilPF

    I Quit

    December 17, 2010 by FadhilPF
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