Hello my fellow fanoners. I'll probably squeal if I'd receive few comments at that(Well, long story...), so here I am. I'm making a fic for IzzyFan's contest called "Three isn't a Crowd", centered around Perry.

Okay, so I'm going to leave out some details. But first, I'd like to thank to Maddy, Goth and Ferby who allowed me to use their OCs.

The story is going to be centered around Perry's relations with Patty and Delilah. Oh, and his love for Phineas and Ferb.

Here are the relationship things:

Perry's and Delilah's Relationship

They are going to share a sister-brother relationship. Perry will be "The Big Bro" for Delilah, and she's going to be the silly one. You're going to see them dancing sometimes, I've got that from the time I made the userbox for them. You'll understand why she's going to be afraid of losing the time she used to spend with Perry later, in the story.

Perry's and Patty's Relationship

See Peratty.

Patty's and Delilah's Relationship

Haha, here's going to be complicated. Well, they both are friends, e-yup, but Delilah still didn't like the fact she has to "give Perry" to someone else too. Patty will like her too, and probably she won't have any problem with Delilah, as Delilah won't show any of her feelings towards Perry's girlfriend too.

Oh... And there's going to be Willow. She's going to have an important part in this story. Lookie in this paragraph for info:

"Perry layed down on the cold floor. He hardly lifted himself, when his eyes met something unexpected. An white platypus was staring at him.

"What are you doin', Pewry? Need some help?" Williow cheered. "I'm going to break the code!"

"... Willow... You can't." he stated. "Patty didn't. So didn't Delilah... Wait... They're miss... in..."


And a green light appeared. The door moved away, letting the two platypii to pass.

"... What?... How...?" Perry said in awe.

"Is there a problem, Pewry?" Willow answered."

Willow is going to call Perry "Pewry". I found it funny.

Oh, I'll probably start to post the fic tomorrow. Wish me luck and tell me what do you think.

"Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will get you everywhere."-Albert Einstein 20:32, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

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