The title is kinda random and doesn't really have a relation with this blog's content(maybe only a little), so I won't "reveal" its sense. Nevermind...

Hello, my fellow fanon friends. Usually, I don't make blogs to whine about stuff, but I have nothing to do, and I'm expecting you to comment(Not with "Yeah", "You're right" - I want sensitive, interesting comments about the thing I'm going to write about - Lol, I won't receive any comment).

Okay, let me get to the subject, as long, boring prologues are well... Boring. I have few points to express in this blog...

When was last time when you edited a page? A pretty long time ago, right? Or when was the last time when you reverted someone's edit, or marked a page as an inappropiate for our wiki's standards?

My point is that most of pages of this wiki are abandoned. Only few pages are edited daily, and most of them are by newbies, that aren't really "in style" with our standards. But does someone edit them? No(Neither I, I apologize.). I think there are a lot of uncategorized pages, with some edited pics that nobody fixes them. When I came to this place, a year ago, people were "fighting" for editing those pages and make them look well.

The only "popular" places are now blogs, where people are commenting. I suggest to try move all this energy from commenting to writing stories(Well, let's concentrate this energy after all of you will comment to this blog.) and editing pages. Because a long time ago, that was the main activity.

Okay, I'm done with that. Now, next point.

I really think that this page should be updated. I thing that half of the list(or even more) is now inactive, I inquire the usefulness of those persons.

And, I'm done with that. For the third point, I'll get back to the first one and I suggest a clean-up - Let's delete all those pages and pics that aren't really "in style". We need a cleaner and faster wiki to keep up with our sister wiki.

My whining blog is over. In other news, I have a complaining one: I posted a new set of art on my blog, but nobody except Fossy, which I thank, didn't comment.

And in other news, today is my wiki anniversary. A year ago, I stepped for the first time in this place. After those 365 days I made as much things as an average user would do in like... 2 months. Meh, I still you enjoy my presence here and I didn't bore you with my blog.


"It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust."-Lawrence Krauss 18:44, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

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