This blog is for pics that aren't related to the requests this user is taking here, or with the 100 Picture Challenge this user is intending to take. Thank you.

Hello :D I've decided to post my fanart all in a blog. I won't post old fanart, just the newer one. I hope you like it, and I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.

Sand piccies :D

-I found the Phin one on phone but I can't sent it >.>-


Sand Ferby :D


Sand Isa :D


Sand Candy :D


Sand Perry!

And non sand piccies...


One of the first PnF pics I made.

IMG 0002 NEW

Carl Non Colored


Non Colored Jenny


Non Colored Vanessa

Me in PnF style

Me in PnF style, expressions practicing. It's very goofy, personally I don't like it.


A non PnF related pic. You may recognize these horses from a CandyCain pic I made.

Baljette Pic

The Baljette Pic I made for RBH

Perry and Delilah

The Pic I made today for Goth


Goth's cat, Tigger, in three forms.

IzzyFan's guinea pig

IzzyFan's Guinea Pig in the "mindless pet" form and in "Agent G...P!" form.

Johnessa and Ferbnessa kids

Goth's version of Johnessa and Ferbnessa kids. Zoom out to see it better.


I saw some MLP drawings here, so I attempted to do some too. It's pretty lame and I made them for a friend's birthday today, who's a brony.

"Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."-Mark Twain 19:19, September 6, 2011 (UTC)

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