Ok, so me and Redo are planing something on chat..... Behold,

Brian and Redo: Across the 2nd Dimension!

Ok, so basically I need more user to become.....

Character that need user

Isabella: Isabella Fanatic

Buford: Sulthan

Baljeet: NotAGotChick

Perry: Jisu

Doof: StacyFan

Candace: Tpfffan

Jeremy (Alt. Version maybe): P&I4EVAH!

Stacy: FossilsDaDaDa

Norm: CC (Not Charmcaster!)

Monogram: Phineas99

Carl: TD

Vanessa: Maddyfae

Fireside Girls: Lotta

If I don't list someone, please tell!

Brianultimatedragon My Talk Page My Blog 04:11, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

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