Aah, time for a contest, the theme is simple, "Adventures through Time and Space!" I derived this from the long title of the Pendragon series by DJ MacHale. Rules are simple:

  1. it must be postable here (even if it isn't ultimately, is fine)
  2. Crossovers are ok, what if Phineas was the Doctor, and Isabella his companion? (And Ferb another Time Lord, I dunno) What if They built a time machine out of a DeLorean?
  3. Excessive shipping is a no, light shipping/friendshipping is all fine and dandy
  4. A large portion of the fic must pertain directly to the adventure.

Have Fun! post links in the comments below, submissions are due in a touch over a month, on February 16th, the 48th birthday of Christopher Eccleston, AKA, the 9th Doctor.


  • 3rd Prize (may be more than one): A character vectored. ($5-$6 value)
  • 2nd Prize (may be more than one): 2 Characters, or 1 character and a simple scene vectored ($8-$10 value)
  • GRAND PRIZE (Only one): A whole complex scene vectored ($20+ value)

All prize winners also will receive their fic being read in future episodes of Bpresents!

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