One of the many advantages of being homeschooled is that my mom lets me doodle during school. Today during geometry I doodled the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who Series 5, and during history it was the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and before biology I took on Disney's Mulan. Mostly they were nothing special. All this to say that it reminded me how a few days ago I drew Anna again, which is a lot of fun.

After drawing her salute (see my profile), I've decided the marker is the best thing in the universe for drawing cartoons. I have her with her hair down in the new picture, and she's wearing a dress, because...

In the big finish, Anna Latimer is going to sing!

Until now I've refrained from writing the standard songs or jingles for P&F eps: they seemed too hard. But this time I have an idea for a poem (all I need is a poem, not a recording studio), and Anna is going to vent her feelings Broadway musical-style under a green spotlight, because I think colored spotlights are the bomb.

I can't wait to get this thing finished. Too bad it's at the back of my notebook.

Have a crazy mad wonderful day. (Sorry about that last sentence but I started thinking about Wonderland and my soul rebels at the use of commas when I think about Wonderland.)

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