5.17 NOTICE: Four new pictures added. They will not make sense if you haven't read Paris Panic.

(Jeez, is every blog post I post going to end with ing?)

Anyways... for all of you avid fanarters out there, this is your chance to have your art shown! By me! On this blog! I'mma put some of my own drawings on here to help you along. You can leave the link to your picture in a comic and I'll put it up here when I have time. (keyword = "when". I don't always have time to come on here, so if it takes a while for your picture to show up, that's why.)

(And if you can't see what Ferb and Vanessa are saying, it's a lot easier to read the file page itself. Copy and paste into search bar: File:Leave me alone0001.png)

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