• Apparently, no one cares that I took the time to create loads of characters and multiple chapters for a story. The story, The Introduction of a Nerd, was given a prologue to start. User blog:AgentP/New Story was made to see if you wanted me to add more. Meanwhile...
  • If you wondered why I was away, I couldn't use the computer or ipod for a week (extended to 8 days, actually).
  • And now, I have started A NEW STORY!!! Yes, a-nother new story. This one's called "Science Goes Wrong". (Alternate titles will be revealed when I become not-so-lazy enough to get up and go find my notebook)
  • Oh yeah, and new drawings will be revealed sometime! Some go with SGW, others with non-specific storylines I plan to make into specific storylines, and others with just plain nothing special.
  • An additional note: I would leave the wiki normally, but I'min a good mood since we got to watch movies at school all week (Megamind, Chicken Little, The Parent Trap, Shrek Forever After) and only had to run 3 of our 10 "reminders" (painful torture running) because our team is awesome at baseball trivia!

Gyurururu...AgentP IT'S AGENTP WITH NO SPACES!!!! 22:12, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

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