This is going to be a difficult contest, I warn you. It is, however, a rewarding one. It will take a while. Now, let's jump into it.

What Do I Need To Do?

You need to create a replica of something in the show (like how I made a mom suit and irving scrapbook). It doesn't have to be fully functioning if it's something like the anti-gravity fun launcher, aka impossible. It should be functional if it's something simple (like my mom suit!), though still not necessary.

How Long Do I Have To Do It?

You have a full two months to design, create, and upload pictures. Submissions will close July 20th, 2012, and the winners will be announced shortly after.

What Do I Get Out Of This?

You get the satisfaction of owning something no one else does. Something you created with your own two hands based off of something that was just a two-dimensional drawing. Also, you get to keep the replica you made! What more do you want? Oh... you want a REAL prize... Well, I will write and perform a theme song based on either: a story you've written, a character you've created, you, or a story/character you really enjoy and think needs a theme song. Also I will draw and color something for you, anything at all, and I will digitally color something you've drawn (Yes... even if you're a terrible artist and don't draw things). Also, I must forever refer to you as whatever nickname you decide on. It can be literally anything. ANYTHING. So go out there and THINK OF A DESIGN THEN CREATE IT~

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