Hellooooooo, users! In this installment of BoG, I'm here to tell you all about the joys of the IRC! I'm sure you're all saying "The IRC sucks! I hate chatrooms! I had a horrible experience in the IRC! It's boring, no one talks to me!" well, you are 100% wrong. Well, maybe not about you hating chatrooms, but about the other stuff. The IRC does not suck, it is actually quite fun. You can get over your once horrible experience. It is actually quite fun when there are more people in there. If you come in, I'll talk to you, and anyone else in there will, unless they're not paying attention or are away, and most people change their name to NAME|Away or something when they leave. All I'm saying is to try it out. PLEASE! If you try it out and still hate it, I'll leave you alone. But don't knock it til ya try it as they say. (Cut to They saying "Don't knock it til ya try it" creepily) I really gotta ask that clown with the chainsaw to appear in their bed at 3:00 am so they'll leave me alone. And if you knock it without trying it (If you tried it once a long time ago, come in anyway, even for just a few minutes), I will send the creepy chainsaw clown into your bed at 3:00 am. And don't forget, my name is Dooby Dooby Doo-Bah A-Gent-G! Ask me about my crack shippings! BALJINDA THADLOONY AND BUFERB 4 EVA! 16:56, July 21, 2010 (UTC)

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