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AgentGoldfish AgentGoldfish 3 December 2013

Third Annual Secret Santa!

most of you have been here for a while now so you should know how this works after the last two years so comment on this blog to sign up for secret santa and you have until christmas day to make them a fanon-related gift, which includes visual art, written works, etc., made specifically for them. you have until 12/7/13, december seventh, to sign up. that is when i will randomize the list. let me know in your comment the best way to contact you privately (irc, skype, tumblr, twitter, what-have-you).

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AgentGoldfish AgentGoldfish 8 May 2013

Q&A AgentGoldfish Style!

Haha references to the good ol' days way before any of you came along except nan whose been here about as long as I have. You know the drill. I'm jumping onto this bandwagon if there's any room left. If there isn't, then I'll knock Gurgy off. Haha no seriously Gurgy if there is no room left on this wagon I am deleting your blog. Ask me questions, except none relating to the Ohio Alarm Clock Scare of 1989. I did some things there that are better left unsaid...

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AgentGoldfish AgentGoldfish 23 November 2012

Second Annual PFFanon Secret Santa!

The last one went over fairly well once we got past the... problems. So, this year's shall be even better! Because I'm starting it a little early, you have until December 1st to sign up. To recap the rules for those of you who forgot or weren't here:

  • Comment here to sign up
  • On December 1st I do a random generator to decide who gets who
  • You make them a fanon work gift (Story, picture, song, whatever)
  • You post it on the wiki on Christmas and notify them of their gift on their talk page

Now, remember, this is a secret santa, so keep your stuff to yourself, don't blab about who you got or the surprise will be ruined. Be sure to let me know the best way I can contact you to let you know who you got. It would be best for me if you could join irc jsyk.

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AgentGoldfish AgentGoldfish 24 August 2012

Danville Times Reboot Issue 16

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AgentGoldfish AgentGoldfish 8 August 2012

Danville Times Reboot Issue 15

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