Okay, on Time Warp Trio, the boys (and girls, but that HARDLY ever hapens) ALWAYS have a TON of near-deaths in an episode. Here's a worst case secnario from there, and I'll change it every week, so please tell me which one it is once I post the next one.

You have a time travel book. You're stuck in Antarctica (during 1911) and the Book won't work due to tempeture problems (-47). Pretty much the only way to survive is to give your worst enimie who wants to use The Book to rule all of time The Book so that he'll give you a sledload of supplies. What do you do? Do you

A) Give him The Book. It's not worth dieing.

B) Leave. It's not worth giving it to him.

C) Other. - 2

Since NOBODY besides Daisy has answered, I'll do the next one. For the last one, Joe gave Mad Jack his diary for English class with a cover on it so that it looks like The Book, then he warmed it up so that they could warp home. Today: you warp to the olympics. Your friend warps there too. (S)he fallows the person (s)he warped with, and both are about get trampled by and ox. If your friend dies, so does the person standing right next to you. Do you

A) Watch and see what happens.

B) Get the ox to ram into you. - 0.5

C) Find a sharp rock (quickly), and try to kill the ox.

D) Jump on the ox and get it to run into your enimies. - 0.5

E) Other.

I'll just add one whenever someone answers one. On the last one, Nobody came to Sam's rescue, so the ox ramed into him, but aperantly he was a holegram. This one isn't really a WCS, but I don't care. Just want to see the resposnses: You JUST gained ownership to your favorite T.V. show/movie. What's the first thing you do?

A) make a sequel/extra season

B) add a bunch of characters

C) combine it with another T.V show/movie

D) make a movie/t.v. show based on it

E) all of the above

F) other

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