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My Name is X-R3001 (William Timothy ), many friends call me Trollz.png and actually,None. I'm the (Super Duper Messuper) Contributor of this

Rickroller is here!

wiki. I speak Bahasa Indonesia better than English, so don't be confused why my writing in my contributions was so rough...

My favorite pages

  • NONE
  • NONE
  • NONE
  • SHUT UP! Your'e [censored]!

About Me

  • I lived in North Pole (Free $ 2.500 if you find me)
  • My age is Trollz.png
  • I born in Trollz.png
  • My father is Trollz.png
  • Sssshhh..This is Some of GRIM [censored]we got ourselves into..:
  • We've boosted the anti mass,BLAAAAAAAAARGH!

Things that I like

  • E** ***** (Some people know's)
  • R******* (Some people know's)
  • Half-Life

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