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Summer Belongs to You! (Phinbella)
"Summer Belongs to You!" ... Phinbella-Style!!!








El Paso

I'm a Protestant Christian, conservative Republican, and a HUGE fan of both Star Trek and Phineas and Ferb. Need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to just be understanding of a problem? I'm here for you. Have few friends? You have me as one right now. I am proud to say that Jesus Christ is my savior and the Lord of my life. No one is too lost for him to love or too low for him to serve, which I try to use as my standard. God bless!!!


Isabella Tickling Phineas

Isabella tickling Phineas (If Summer Only Lasted One Day)

Other Screen Names

  • DeviantArt: Romulan64
  • YouTube: Romulan64
  • Klingon64
  • Grooveshark: Tiberius64
    Casual College Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella

    College-aged Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella (2018-2021)

Political Views/Faith

  • Protestant (Nondenominational); Calvinist teachings except for the ideas of predestination or only 144,000entering Heaven
  • Republican, conservative, Pro-Life, Pro-Family Values; considering registering as Independent

Completed Stories

Stories in Progress or in the Head

  • Temporal Crossover Story (In Progress): Raw idea in progress involving the following next-generation Phinbella children from various story universes all ending up stuck together and needing to return to their respective universes:
  1. Chris and Erica (Tiberius64/Klingon64)
  2. Marie Flynn (Angelus19)
  3. Lynnette, Adrian, and Julia "Marie" Flynn (Phinbella101)
  4. Olivia and Quinn Flynn (CreepECrawlyMan)
  5. Rachel "Ray Gun" and Eduardo "Eddie" Flynn (RedJoey1992/Joseph Monasky)
  6. Drake and Brent Flynn (Nan the cowdog)

Possible Plot: Chris and Erica, in light of the war with the Karon Empire, have created a small warp-capable ship named The Platypus Flyer while their parents are away fighting at The First and Second Battles of H'pal. In the first attempt at a test warp flight, the warp coils go crazy from an antimatter imbalance, causing a temporal rift to envelop earth, although the craft is unable to make a warp jump. Upon landing the ship back on earth, they find their planet in a different phase shift of reality, other children looking a lot like them all standing around confused in what's supposed to be the park in Danville - these are the children of their parents from different parallel universes. Now stuck together, they must find a way to get back to their homes in their respective universes.

  • Random Idea (No Progress): An idea of a story experimenting with alien transfer students who are helped to cope with studying on earth. Characters will include one Thoronon, five Soruna (Primate, Arboreal, Reptilian, Insectoid, Aquatic), one V'malnon, one T'laran, and one I'lin (see Tiberius64's Minor Characters for last 3).

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