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== Where to find me==
Steam: Dwight Spergle -
Just a little note: There is a world of internet and users out there, why do you all confine yourselfs to a single site? I am willing to bet there is not a single gamer or brony on this site who has seen more than half of what I have seen. Seriously, you all have to live a little more, and explore. Taking off now.
==I Ship==
*I no longer ship anyone
==I do not ship==
I am an Evangelist Christian. I will stand for Christ for he has saved me! "For God so loved the world that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, so whoever believed in him may not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16
I will not stand for the wrong. If anyone is curious about this, leave a message.
Christ died so that we can be saved!
[[File:David Crowder*Band - How He Loves|thumb|300px|right]]
==Mis Amigos (Friends)==
Not in any specific order...
*[[User:HyperHearts58|Hyper]] (Gone)
*[[User:Firesidegirl10|FG10]] (Gone)
*[[User:Really Big Hat|RBH]] (Gone)
*[[User:Daisy56|Daisy]] (Gone)
*[[User:American Che|Che]] (Gone)
*[[User:Team Doofenshmirtz|TD]] (Gone)
*[[User:Maddyfae|Maddyfae]] (I dont even know)
*[[User:TotalDramaRox97|TDR]] (Eh, get mad)
*[[User:Nan the cowdog|Nan]]
*[[User:Jisu Lee|Jisu Lee]]
*[[User:The Regurgitator|Gurgy]] (Whai still on here)
*[[User:FadhilPF|Faddy]] (GOne)
*[[User:Tiberius64|Tiberius]] (Bro, has stuck by me)
*[[User:Moon Beam|MB]] (Gone)
*[[User:Raging Blast|RB]] (Best online friend :P. RB has stuck by me for a while now)
== My Avatar==
*Yes that is Django
*That is not a random blue mark on his face, it is a visor
*No, that is not a random white stripe on his visor, it is the light's reflection
*No his hair is not really that dark, it's edited
*Yes, this is an edited picture from "Nerds of a feather"
*Yes, I am a speckie
*My previous avatar was Phineas and Isabella dancing in the song "Summer Belongs to You"
==Pages I Created==
#[[The New Resident from New York]]
#[[Training at the O.W.C.A]]
#[[Scubadave meets Goldfish ]]with help from [ AgentGoldfish].
#[[Revisiting Atlantis]]
#[["Who's that?"|"Who's That?"]]
#[["Who's that?" (Phineas' POV)]]
#[[The RS-300s]]
#[[Scubadave and the Inator]]
#[[The Ultra-Competition]] (still in progress)
#[[Return to NYC]]
#[[The Rollercoaster?]]
#[[Phineas meets a Guru]]
#[[Reversing the Effect]]
#[[The Power of Earth and Water]]
#[[Phineas' Anger...]]
====17 - A Short Lived Empire====
#Part 1: [[The Rise of Doofenshmirtz]]
#Part 2: [[The Alliance Strikes Back]]
#Part 3 :[[The Third Side of the Fight]]
#Part 4: [[Toppling the Throne]]
*[[Scubadave (Character)|Anthony Janero]]
*[[Sabrina Cloutier-Fletcher]] (adopted)
*[[Alternative Future Anthony Janero]]
*[[50 Ways to Annoy Scubadave]] (with authorization of [[User:Jisu Lee|Jisu Lee]])
*[[The Pffanon SkyCruiser Jet!]] (Community Project)
Here are the links (I don't want to be marked for deletion)
#Mary Sue Template:
#Other Franchise Character Template:
#Canonless Page Template:
#Fan War Trigger Page Template:
==Some Ideas I have==
Don't count on any more fanfiction for this site from me.

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