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Hello, Universe!








Good Ones:


My name is Poptart, I like to write, and I am quite likely to talk your ear off about things you don't care about! Account: I am The Poptart

Fan fictions:

"The Soda Explosion Project Mach 51"--Silly little story with a weak ending. Don't read it, I beg.

"Serendipitous Science Theater 3000"--My most successful story thus far. Think the P&F crew doing MST3K.

"The Epic of the Duel of Ping Pong"--Just an episode-like one shot...ABOUT THE EPIC ADVENTURES OF PING PONG!

Characters I like:

Naturally, I want to hug all of them, but some that stick out are:

Buford, Lord of all that is Manly

Phineas of Imaginationlandshire

Baljeet the Frugal

Isabella the Sweet

Ferb the Apathetic

Irving, Wearer of Elton-John glasses

Albert, Lord of all that is Ninja-Related

Stacy of the Obfuscated Stupidity

Lawrence the Lawrence

Candace of Bustingshire

Doofenshmirtz the Frakking Crazy

Perry the Suffering due to the Above

Monogram and Carl of the Potential Manzai Routine

What do I encourage?

Make any edits to my pages as you see fit. Information regarding my characters and Fan Fictions can be edited to its most truthful extent--so saying that I ever make those pages.

Random Art-Type Things

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