310px-Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabella rocks

my fav food is pizza

I support Isabella and Phineas getting married I love my little bro's My fav song is city of love by Isabella I'm a mega phinbella fan!!!

My favorite pages

  • The switch
  • The Builders Curse
  • Ella and the Robot

My Faves My fav pop star: Kelly Clarkson My fav musical insterment: Piano My fav fanon character: Ella and the robot My fav movie: Coraline My fav celebrity crush: Justin Bieber My fav daydream: Me being on take two with Phineas and Ferb My Dislikes Phineas not dating Isabella. Spiders Riahnna Coffee Lemons Tea Tree

Love colored
Busting backyard - cropped

Nah 055
Stacy Albert
. .

      Baby I'm back!
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