Man, I heart this pic! IT'S AMAZING! "What would people think when they hear that I'm a Jesus Freak? What will people do if they find out I't's True? I Don't Really Care if they label me a Jesus Freak... There Aint No Disguisin' THE TRUTH". Cookie for those who know and like this song.

Sup, Y'all!

The name's PlatyborgstoShadowlytes, P.t.S. for short.

My favorite character is Perry the Platyborg

My favorite P&F production is P&F ATSD

I'm probably not going to be posting any of my fanfic stories on this site; I'm also registered on and my username is ThePro-LifeCatholic. My stories will be found under cartoons: Phineas and Ferb

I am homeschooled

I'm a practicing, Pro-life Roman Catholic

I'm a Christian

Kayla's pet Ivy the platypus.

Catholics are Christians (gasp)

I'm 15

When I see a piece of blank paper: "Possabilities. . ."

I have over 10 OCs.

I have written several stories so far on, my most famous one so far being Wanted: Dead or Destroyed, which is a story based on how I think the 2nd Dimension came to be.

Shippings I like, and those I despise (We all knew this was coming, right?)

OK, I have decided to list the certain shippings that I enjoy, the ones that are OK (ok!), and the ones that I would never read about or see pictures of. Now, without further ado. . . .Shippings!


Kirla (my own shipping between Kayla and you-know-who)



Montessa (Ferbnessa, you just got powned!)

Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher (duh!)

Lindance (OC shipping, this time between Linda Flynn and my version of her real husband, Vance Flynn)

Orchid and Powhatan

Elissamerb (a shipping done by my youger sister for Ferb and an OC of hers, Melissa. Yes, she wrote the shipping name in Ferb Latin)


The OK (ok!)

Stacybert (I think I'm going to have this shipping in Wanted: Dead or Destroyed)


Femily (It's in the OK {ok!} list mostly because I don't know that much about it)

Rodrigonessa (those who have seen the new episode with S'Fall will know what I mean)


Jonnessa (Jonny. . .he's such a boy. . .)


Iverry (shipping between Ivy the platypus, another OC of mine, and Perry)

Phinsuzy (this shipping of Phineas Flynn and Suzy Johnson was the main point in a short story that I did with my sister one day. As long as it's only a temporary thing, without them really getting married and all that, then I'm fine with it.)

PerryxKiki (Perry just. . .isn't the shipping type.)

And now, the horrible (gasp), the degradeable (gasp), the utter most disgusting shippings that I've. . .(gasping)

Stop gasping! (sharp, sudden intake of breath)



Any Perrynessa

Most Perry Shippings

PhineaFerb (I've seen stories and pictures for this, not on this wikia, though)

Pairings for Kayla other than Irving





Any shippings of two people (or animals) that are related to one another

Userboxes that I like

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Userboxes that I (P.t.S.) have made

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